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Changing The Face Of Pain Management

In order to provide a solution to the growing number of individuals in our communities that suffer with chronic and acute pain, CORE Health Centers has developed a multidisciplinary approach to pain care that combines the skills of medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, and rehabilitation specialists. It is this comprehensive team approach that allows CORE Health Centers to evaluate, diagnose, and treat all different types of pain without having to rely on medications or surgery. Visit one of our locations for a complimentary pain assessment today!

Choose The Right Care For Your Pain


At CORE Health Centers, our team of medical professionals provides expert care to patients suffering with chronic pain symptoms.

Our team is dedicated to helping each patient find relief as quickly and safely as possible without relying on narcotic drugs or unnecessary surgeries.

By providing comprehensive testing and the latest treatments protocols, our medical team will provide a plan of care that is designed to meet each patients individual needs.

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When the vertebrae of the spinal column become out of alignment, this can disrupt proper nerve function and lead to symptoms of severe pain and decreased performance within the body.

At CORE Health Centers, our doctors of chiropractic provide patients relief through effective, natural chiropractic healthcare.

Through corrective care, we are able to return the body to balance and reduce nerve interference which relieves pain and restores the body to normal function.

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It’s no secret that the quality of your health directly affects the quality of your life. When you feel good, everything is more enjoyable. At CORE Health Centers, we want to be your partner on your road to wellness.

Our wellness programs are designed to help improve overall health and reduce the chance for diseases and illnesses.

Our Wellness programs include: Massage Therapy, Medically Supervised Weight Loss, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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